Aquatic Weed Management provides a range of services tailored to suit the needs of each individual site and/ or client.


As no two sites are the same and suffering the same problem, we do not try to offer a one size fits all approach.

To achieve this we assess the needs of our clients on the following parameters:

      • What species of Pest Aquatic Weed is causing the problem?
      • What type of Nuisance Algae is causing the problem?
      • How large is the body of water needing restoration?
      • What are the intrinsic natural heritage values of the water body requiring remediation?
      • Is control or complete eradication required?

We cover all of these points and more in our initial discussions with the client for the particular Waterway in question. From these discussions (and potentially site visits) we tailor a specific plan to suit each site.



Once we have completed the consultation process we will then make a tailored plan to suit your specific site. This will include identification where possible of the Pest Aquatic Weed species or nuisance algae, recommended stocking levels and a long terms management plan.

Where required we will apply for permission to stock the controlled species into the waterway in question, produce an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and liaise and educate any concerned parties.


Grass-Carp-in-net-with-zoo-keeper.jpgStocking (Transport)

Once we have successfully applied for permission to stock the intended species into the water way (depending on the specific plan, this may include more than one species), we are then able to arrange transport, delivery and acclimation of the fish to the new waterway. Our bespoke fish transport unit is capable of transporting the size fish we sell (250mm F.L.) fish throughout New Zealand. If large numbers of fish are required for the site then multiple releases may be necessary. Upon arrival the fish are acclimated to the new waterway prior to release, a process which minimises osmotic stress on the fish themselves giving them the best chance of success in their new environment.

Our fish are sourced from a bio-secure facility free of any known diseases or other known potential pest organisms. However as a precautionary measure we dispose of the transport water away from the body of water to minimise any chance of pest organisms being spread by our activities. In this regard we are industry leaders in best practise methodologies to maintain strict biological controls.


On-Going Management

If required by the clients then we can tailor an on-going management plan to suit their specific needs. This may include managing the number of fish within the waterway to maximise their impact on the targeted pest species or removal of the majority of the fish from the waterway when they have completely eradicated the targeted species from a waterway. Again there is no one size fits all approach to this type of management activity and we encourage our customers to discuss their needs with us and we can arrange a site specific on-going management contract.




We are actively engaged in researching native species for reintroduction and for specific pest control purposes. In the near future we hope to be able to deliver new and novel ways of managing freshwater pest species throughout New Zealand.

We are always interested to hear of opportunities where new and novel techniques are being developed for freshwater management. If you have a project you think may have synergy with Aquatic Weed Managements activities then please feel free to contact us to discuss your project and specific needs.