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New Zealand Waterway weed management

new zealand aquatic weed management

Welcome to Aquatic Weed Management, New Zealand’s premier supplier of Grass Carp and Silver Carp. Our vision is to restore the environment by eradicating aquatic pest weeds and nuisance algal blooms with natural and environmentally friendly solutions.

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company dedicated to helping restore Ponds, Lakes, Dams, Reservoirs, Rivers and any other body of water where restoration or remediation may be required.

Unfortunately New Zealand has no native aquatic herbivorous fish that could be used to control pest aquatic weeds so we sell the environmentally friendly Grass Carp/ White Amur (Ctenopharyngodon idella) and Silver Carp/ Silver Amur (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) as biological control agents. Both of which were introduced to New Zealand for the purpose of controlling aquatic pest weeds and nuisance algae. These species are ideal for restoration purposes in New Zealand as both species perform a different ecological function; Grass Carp consume aquatic weeds whilst Silver Carp consume nuisance algal blooms.

Despite concerns from some sectors regarding the species potential to establish naturalised populations within New Zealand this has not occurred. Having first been imported into New Zealand in the early 1960's and liberated into waterways from this time forward, no naturalised populations have established. This is now corroborated by scientific literature which states that the chances of naturalised populations establishing within New Zealand are unlikely.

Within New Zealand Grass Carp and Silver Carp are still classified as a restricted species which means that a permit is required from the Department of Conservation to posses these species. Customers are either able to apply for a permit themselves or alternately we can manage the whole process from start to finish including the permitting process.

Talk to us today to see how we can help fix your aquatic weed or algae problems.


did you know?
There are nearly 3000 species of fish in the Cyprinidae or ‘Carp’ family of fish. Some of these species are good like Grass and Silver Carp. The common name suffix ‘Carp’, leads to confusion with another species, Koi Carp. 


our services

Aquatic Weed Management provides a range of services tailored to suit the needs of each individual site and/ or client. 



grass carp

Grass Carp will eat a number of aquatic weed species both native and exotic, generally feeding on submerged aquatic plants they will also eat terrestrial grasses when they become submerged. 

Grass Carp


Silver Carp

Are used to control nuisance algal blooms in eutrophic waterways such as Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green algae) which can pollute a waterway and can lead to a toxic build up and potentially fish kills.

Silver Carp